Mobile Casino Italian

We checked nearly 50 mobile casinos and found out that most of them really puts their heart and soul into the site, even if it’s not full of heart and music, you can feel that the managers and the webmaster respect the gambler and care from their costumers.

The support options are better than most of the online casino from other countries – most of the Italian casino has live support on the site itself and even by phone, you can still write the traditional e-mail and the answer for those are also quick, a few hours and we got a response in the e-mail.

Most of the online casinos hold an English version to the site and it doesn’t fall from the original version, just the language is different. So no matter if you speak the most romantic language in the world or just speak English, come and see why Italy win at those surveys all the time.

List of all Italian mobile Casinos

  1. 32Red Mobile Phone Casino Italian ✅

Every survey about the most romantic country or language in the world ends with the same answers, most of the people consider France and Italy to be the most romantic countries and without a surprise French and Italian considered as the most romantic languages. Today we will check if Italy Is so romantic and we will check it by viewing the country’s online casinos and we’ve been online betting to put our money where our mouth is.

How to find Mobile Casino for Italian Player

When we checked the first Italian mobile casino we were disappointed, it looked just the same as every online casino we ever saw, much pops up and shiny commercials, banal and boring design and nothing that really catches your eyes and make you want to say. The games were the same casino games and even the bonuses were the same. We almost thought about ditching the project and try some other subject for an article but then we saw other online casinos and found out that maybe there is something about those surveys after all.


Consequently we entered an Italian online casino and stood still, it was lovely, red background with calm romantic music, little hearts moved across a page and we felt for a moment like we are in some magical fairytale in Italy. The casino offered specials bonuses with extra love and special games with one on one option, especially for lovers.